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BBC News

  • Herd knowledge - 2017-May-23 01:16:00

    As a warming climate threatens traditional food supplies in the Arctic, one rural Alaskan village is flying in hundreds of reindeer by cargo plane. James Cook went to find out why.

  • Trump 'determined to pursue peace' after Pope meeting - 2017-May-24 17:10:00

    US president says he is "more determined than ever" to seek global peace after his Vatican audience.

  • Got Kony? - 2017-May-23 01:12:00

    The US and Uganda are stopping the hunt for notorious rebel leader Joseph Kony but he is still a threat.

  • Fox retracts Seth Rich murder conspiracy - 2017-May-23 20:44:00

    The victim's family said those pushing the report have "a transparent political agenda or are a sociopath".

  • Ottawa grandmother wins $100k lawsuit after McDonald's firing - 2017-May-24 16:35:00

    Esther Brake battled her employers for five years in court following her wrongful dismissal.