Johnny Ahysen

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BBC News

  • Winging it - 2017-May-23 00:31:00

    Have you heard the one about the refugee Muslim-American comedian who sat next to a Trump on a plane?

  • Got Kony? - 2017-May-23 01:12:00

    The US and Uganda are stopping the hunt for notorious rebel leader Joseph Kony but he is still a threat.

  • Breath of fresh air? - 2017-May-23 20:13:00

    A Chinese student in the US state of Maryland has caused uproar at home with a graduation speech. What did students at her own university think?

  • Trump: 'I never mentioned the word Israel' to the Russians - 2017-May-22 16:59:00

    Trump denies telling Russian officials that Israel was the source of highly classified intelligence.

  • Trump's gauntlet - 2017-May-19 18:31:00

    The president must win over people deeply suspicious of him and his "America First" foreign policy.