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  • keisha39 commented on 2011-Jul-30 15:49:45

    I like the way he delivers the news on CBS8. Very accurate and smooth!

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BBC News

  • Greek gift - 2016-Jun-30 14:08:00

    A new exhibit at National Geographic Museum celebrates ancient Greece's invention of democracy - and the objects which show the early history of the form of government.

  • Trudeau's Brexit message to youth - 2016-Jun-29 11:52:00

    Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoken to young people about Brexit and vote differences between old and young people

  • Photos of Ali in Africa - 2016-Jun-09 09:58:00

    From Muhammad Ali's most famous fight to his friendship with Nelson Mandela, photos that tell the story of the boxer's relationship with Africa.

  • Orlando medic: 'I can still see victims’ faces' - 2016-Jun-27 16:23:00

    A doctor who treated victims of the Orlando massacre talks of the mental scars left by what he experienced.

  • US woman guilty of Stephen Hawking Tenerife death threats - 2016-Jul-01 15:52:00

    A US woman is given a suspended jail sentence in Spain for threatening to kill British physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking.