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  • keisha39 commented on 2011-Jul-30 15:49:45

    I like the way he delivers the news on CBS8. Very accurate and smooth!

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BBC News

  • MEPs in new EU-US trade controversy - 2015-May-28 19:05:00

    MEPs call for transparent and public handling of trade disputes with the US but soften their stance on controversial commercial courts.

  • VIDEO: Texas dam reaches dangerous levels - 2015-May-27 21:05:00

    Flood waters flow over a dam southwest of Dallas as a large part of the southern US continued to reel from floods brought on by powerful storms.

  • VIDEO: Canada's 'early adopter' looks back - 2015-May-28 10:40:00

    Former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney, described as "an early adopter" because of the reforms he made while in office, talks about his successes and failures.

  • 'God Bless America,' football fans say - 2015-May-28 18:04:00

    The US investigation of Fifa is garnering praise from a wide swathe of football fans and the global media. Could the oft criticised global power have achieved a public relations coup?

  • US military shipped anthrax to labs - 2015-May-28 02:37:00

    The US military accidentally sent live anthrax samples to labs across the country and a US military base in South Korea, the Pentagon says.