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Leila Rahimi comes to Austin from Sherman, Texas. She reported sports for KXII, covering local high schools and the Big XII team north of the Red River, the Oklahoma Sooners. She also spent time as a news reporter in East Texas, and before that worked for Fox Sports Net and Sports Radio 1310 "The Ticket," in Dallas. 

What is your name? 
Leila RahimiWhat is your position? 
Sports ReporterWhen did you start at KXAN? 
Nov. 6, 2007What was your most memorable story? 
Just this year, near Sherman, I had a story about a Little League football team coping with the death of their teammate, who was only 8 years old when he was killed in a car crash. The players had to learn lessons they were too young to learn, and even though they were just in elementary school, their sense of respect and understanding was amazing.How did you get started in TV


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